Hendrick Avenue, Balham

Terraced house - internal split levels, 4 floors including basement.  Initially small cellar to the front of the property.

To complete basement conversion with waterproofing system to the highest standard with advanced control panels and battery powered inverter based backup system.

A second sump was required as a shower room, toilet and utility room were included in the basement construction. A high-power macerator-type was required, as it was also plumbed to take kitchen sink waste from the in-sink macerator.  A large amount of waste from the kitchen, including a lot of cooking fat, finds its way into the system; this is easily handled by the large pump which discharges safely to the sewer system and is completely separate from the waterproofing system.

The large light well to the front of the property drains much of the rain water from the roof down into the waterproofing system where the water is sent to a rainwater harvesting system supplied and installed by SCS BEL. This system in turn powers two outside taps for washing cars and irrigating the beautifully kept rear garden.

As part of the project, the whole house was refurbished and the kitchen extended. SCS BEL wired every room in the house with data, telephone and AV cables; this was to network the house whilst reducing the radio noise within the property.  Each room had multiple points and all plug sockets, switches, dimmers, isolators, phone points, data points etc, were changed and rewired, where needed, to smart look satin steel faces.

A video phone entry system was added with remote monitors on the lower ground and third floors and a complete multi-room AV system was installed.  This was connected via the data network to each room with networked live storage for video and music files.  The main AV centre comprised the very best plasma monitor from Pioneer with KEF in-wall and ceiling speakers, so as to not be too intrusive. Sub woofers were concealed in cupboards, along with all the equipment to control the system. All installations were wired back to a main plant room where services were routed.

The room houses security systems, power backups, alarms, CCTV and recording equipment, sumps and pumps, network router and independent 24way switch, cable feeds , phone lines, both BT and Virgin, satellite dual feeds and digital terrestrial aerials for TV and FM.

The property is beautiful and is well equipped to deal with our modern lifestyles, whilst keeping the technology out of sight.  As a cinema, playroom, shower/toilet, utility room, plant room and office, this extensive basement conversion works exceptionally well and is in constant use.